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Renewable Energy


The CHB Group has been investing into the development of biogas plants since 2006. The first plant was built in Trent in northern Germany together with neighboring businesses in 2006 and is operated on the basis of renewable raw materials. It has an electrical output of 1 MW . The resulting fermentation residues are used in the circulatory system on the agricultural land for sustainable fertilization. Between 2008 and 2010, the CHB Group planned and built three additional biogas plants in Bredeneek, Fargau and Glasau together with other agricultural businesses. The combined electrical output of all four plants is 2.5 MW . Investments are held in the jointly developed plants and the Group assumes management and administrative tasks. The joint concept in the field of renewable energies has created a strong partnership between several farms.

Bioenergie Trent GmbH & Co. KG


Christian Bruhn

Bioenergie Trent

Bioenergie B&P GmbH & Co KG


Achim Steinleitner

Bioenergie B&P

Bioenergie Glasau GmbH & Co KG


Dirk Jungjohann

Bioenergie Glasau

Bioenergie Fargau GmbH & Co KG


Detlef Petersen

Bioenergie Fargau